Dante Tomaselli's Portfolio

"Like the best works of Mario Bava, Dario Argento or their young U.S. inheritor Dante Tomaselli..."
--Variety Magazine

"Dante Tomaselli is one of most visually striking directors working in the horror genre these days. An independent director, working with small budgets, he has repeatedly shown that atmosphere, vision and style are often more important than costly, over-the-top effects to tell a scary story."

"I firmly believe Dante Tomaselli is one of the most refreshing and daring voices in the world of horror cinema. Those who require a little more from their genre flicks will find something deeply unnerving and downright scary. It’s hard to put your finger on what’s giving you a serious case of the creeps, but that’s part of TORTURE CHAMBER's charm...Dante Tomaselli is a master of his craft, a director who isn’t afraid to punish your senses with uncompromising visuals and a well-crafted, multi-layered sound design."
--Beyond Hollywood

"Impressionistic...THE DOLL is an organic creature that breathes...hypnotic sound sculptures...4 skulls."
--Rue Morgue Magazine


"A deep drop into an audio-visual rabbit hole...Those who like to get lost in cinema and allow themselves to take a trip will find this film unforgettable."
--Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria Magazine (5/9/2013)


"The director achieves impressive overall results...Richly atmospheric exercise in surreal horror...complex music/ambient audio design...beautifully menacing photography...Tomaselli creates a hyper-real atmosphere of striking primal-fear images, cackling lunacy, impending doom and grotesque humor...Belying very modest means, Tomaselli has delivered a design and tech package that’s first-rate."
--Variety Magazine (7/10/2005)

HORROR (2002)

"Gothic surrealism...Horror can't help but impress with its lush, unsettling textural confidence, rich in atmosphere...distinctly ominous..." --Variety Magazine (3/23/2003)


“Eerie, painterly...Desecration is a low budget masterpiece of dream logic.”
--Maitland McDonagh, Film Comment Magazine (9/11/2018)





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