Torture Chamber

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“Horrific ambiance...absolutely terrifying moments...Tomaselli excels here when it comes to setting a dire tone and following through with bone-chilling thrills and terrors. A scarred boy in a cage and a woman strapped to an expanding rack are just some of the horrific images I can't unsee from Tomaselli's truly warped imagination. It is in these scenes that the film is absolutely unforgettable...Seek this out for some genuine scares that are definitely the stuff of the darkest nightmares...”Ain't It Cool News
“Brilliant and innovative.
A deep drop into an audio-visual rabbit hole...Torture Chamber traps its audience in an environment and won't let them go...Meticulously designed...Dedicated and unrelenting with just enough set up to hook you...Those who like to get lost in cinema and allow themselves to take a trip will find this film unforgettable.”Chris Alexander
Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria Magazine

torture chamber

A priest fights for the soul of his possessed 13-year-old brother in this supernatural tale of terror from the director of Desecration,Horror, and Satan's Playground.