Listen to Out-of-Body Experience
by Dante Tomaselli

Dante Tomaselli is an American horror film writer, director, and producer who composes electronic scores to his films in addition to producing albums of dark ambient music. His albums are as sinister and surrealist as his movies, consisting of nightmarish collages of screams, eerie laughter, sound effects, and fragments of chilling synthesizer melodies. Tomaselli was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1969 and became infatuated with horror films as a child. He studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and graduated from the New York School of Visual Arts. He released his first film, Desecration, in 1999. This was followed by Horror (2002), Satan's Playground (2006), and Torture Chamber (2013). He began releasing albums of dark ambient and Halloween music in 2014, beginning with Scream in the Dark and The Doll, followed by 2015's Nightmare, 2017's Witches and 2019's Out-of-Body Experience.--Pandora

Out-of-Body Experience Cover

Dante Tomaselli's fifth album stays within the composer/filmmaker's realm of deeply immersive audio experiences...Each cue marks a turn or descending stairwell that reverberates with techno beats, melting synth chords and benthic drones that perpetually shape-shift and swirl across the stereo image...
5 SKULLS.--Rue Morgue magazine

Maestro of the macabre, Dante Tomaselli returns with another full on sensory experience designed to transport your consciousness beyond the veil of reality...The spell he weaves at his sinister synths is every bit as full of arcane ambience as his monstrous motion pictures...Out-of-Body Experience has more of a melodic approach and tells a semi-autobiographical story of Tomaselli’s childhood (circa the years 1979 – 1982) in the video game saturated suburbia many of us called home in our youth...I can't recommend Out-of-Body Experience enough; this is a dark journey into a realm of nostalgia.

The composer delivers layered musical landscapes that trigger swirling imaginations amid their disco-inspired rhythms and intricate three-dimensional uneasiness...Out-of-Body Experience is a deeply absorbing and fascinating listen. Highly recommended.--Tim Ferrante, Videoscope magazine

The multi-talented Dante Tomaselli is a director, writer, producer and score-composer of all things horror and with his latest CD release of electronica titled, Out-of-Body Experience, he detaches your conscious mind from reality and sends it spiraling into an alternate state of scary-sensory ambiance. Fasten your seat belts!--Joe Milliken, Standing Room Only

A truly spectacular electronic tour-de-force.--Stevo Wolfson, SIYS Radio

A wave of synth noise opens Astral Projection, the first track on Dante Tomaselli’s latest collection of soundscapes. Carpenter-esque keyboards kick in, the pulse of the track quickens, and samples of a countdown mix in with computer or robot noises – and then we hear from Vincent Price. It builds in tension as the stereo pans swirl around you. Three-and-a-half-minutes later and you’re left wondering where you are – it’s seriously trippy stuff, the kind of music that takes you on a strange journey...There’s definitely the intent to conjure up the mood of late seventies/early eighties genre film scores here, and it’s done very effectively. The production values are fantastic and it’s remarkable how clean and detailed this recording sounds.--Rock! Shock! Pop!

Out-of-Body Experience is a decidedly up-tempo but no less haunting and immersive sonic journey by the filmmaker/composer/sound designer...In many ways the album is built like a winding passage...When a cue shimmers with an unusual clarity, it's as if though the wanderer has found a netted porthole in a wall, through which pulses, textures, reverb and fleeting human voices are discerned amid the dim shadow-play of misshapen figures. Before one has a moment to fully interpret the sounds, other sonic hooks pull the wanderer away and redirect one deeper into the passage.--Mark R. Hasan,

Dante Tomaselli has made a name for himself as an indie film director with surreal, horrifying stories to tell. But more recently, he has also been gaining recognition for his electronic music. Tomaselli’s previous musical stylings include the albums Scream in the Dark, The Doll, Nightmare, and Witches. His latest offering, Out of Body Experience takes a decidedly different approach from his previous outings...The composer's usual macabre approach is combined with toe-tapping beats and dance inducing hooks...Unholy chanting, spooky noises, and eerie sound effects set to a slick, electronic beat...
--Tyler Doupé, Scream magazine

For nearly two decades, New Jersey-born horror multi-hyphenate Dante Tomaselli has been steadily creating a series of surreal, expressionist horror films that favor bizarre imagery and all-encompassing sound designs over traditional narrative structure and logic. That's what makes them so special: pictures like HORROR, DESECRATION and TORTURE CHAMBER. And when Tomaselli isn't making movies, he's releasing movies-for-your-mind with his unique conceptual aural-horror CD's like THE DOLL, WITCHES, NIGHTMARE and OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE.--Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Delirium magazine